Russian red fox photos, Magnum $100 print sale, Harald Sohlberg's luminous landscapes & new art prizes
Alice Johnson's Pottery Pets, The Far Side, David Shrigley, Fiona Macrae, New Art Competitions
Artists aged 5-19 at Royal Academy, New art competitions, Free events, new Banksy & a sheep in a bucket
Your art's on MoMa in the latest post! Free vintage illustrations, lockdown opportunities & laughing foxes
A quick update on sharing your work
Share your art, project or service on MoMa, Fares Micue Interview, Instagram Swap, £40k art awards
Interview with Hockney film director Bruno Wollheim, Black voices, The Painter & The Thief, 50% off courses
Kevin Leary interview, £50k of art prizes, Deedee Cheriel prints, secret postcard auction, Kadir Nelson & a mechanical owl
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